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It is an amazing feeling to connect with your clients and even more so when they become friends. Working with Jessica has been an absolute pleasure. Her vision is really something else and I feel incredibly lucky to be part of her journey.

We went with Shopify for Jessica on this site. While the retreats are certainly a main feature, this will be a one stop shop for all things yoga, supporting local artisans, artists, designers, and women in business. If you are any of these things, be sure to drop her a message.

The Yoga Junction is the union of everything within the yoga lifestyle. Created out of an understanding that everyone experiences a different yoga journey, The Yoga Junction is a space, both virtual and physical, where you are liberated to be authentically you. It is about women coming together and connections being made.

This year has been challenging, a slight understatement I know, but it has also been all about connections. For me, it has been about connections with other women, both personally and professionally. I have never been so proud of my work, the projects I have worked on, the projects I have yet to share, the partnerships and relationships I have made, the amazing clients I have, and the organizations I work with. Following the connections theme, this site was designed in collaboration with my extremely talented sister in design, Lia at Pinkspot Creative, which really highlights the branding elements, bringing our design vision full circle, and all while utilizing the best of our skill sets. Calla, with Cacti Creative Calgary, met with Jessica to develop her key messaging and provide us with beautifully written content. The goal was to tell the story and evoke emotion, Calla nailed it, even leaving the client with goosebumps over some of the key brand messaging.


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