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The Yoga Junction is meant to create an inclusive community both online and in person where we can come together to share products, resources, knowledge & experiences such as workshops, trainings and retreats. To lift each other up. Come as you are. Perfectly imperfect. A community that allows and encourages authenticity.

Working with Jess has been an absolute pleasure. Her vision for her space and business is really something else and I look forward to the small piece of her journey I am lucky enough to be a part of.

In the theme of bringing women together, I had @lia.golemba of @pinkspots collaborate with me on this logo, branding, and website, to give Jess the absolute best of both of our skills and talents. The concept behind the design was personal growth, retreat, balance, modern rustic landscape. Plus The Yoga Junction website is coming soon! “When we are brave enough to wander through the wild and unknown, only then will we be fortunate enough to find a path home.” – Jessica Jacobs

Follow @theyogajunction, a virtual community, showing/sharing resources, like workshops and retreats, trainings.

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