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BikeBike is a local, Mom & Pop bike shop located in the historic Calgary neighbourhood of Inglewood. This year they are celebrating 10 years in business! The goal for this site was too pair both Sean & Nadia’s styles. Giving the site a mom & pop custom feel, while still keeping it light, fresh, and modern. My amazing Sister in Design @pinkspots once again nailed it with amazing illustrations throughout the site, catering to the unique and extremely funky side of both owners and their cool little shop.

We choose Squarespace, for Sean’s tech side and the amazing mobile responsiveness, custom CSS, and beautiful backend interface. Everything is easy to find, makes sense, and is designed to seamlessly translate from desktop to mobile view. Site builders are also extremely user friendly.

Thank you @bakebakeyyc for supporting other women in business and giving me so much creative freedom. Read a story from their bike adventures, book a tour at @wildroseadventure, or just buy some awesome stuff! You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a bike and that’s pretty close.

BikeBike: @bikebikeyyc
Nadia: @bakebakeyyc
Design: @mad.attic
Illustrations: @pinkspots
Photography: @waltereneuman

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